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Career Summary:

Performance-Driven Business Executive with significant Government, Commercial and International Sales, Management and Engineering experience in the Telecommunications Information Technology Industry.

More than 20 years P & L accountability for multi-billion dollar telecommunications firms, generating over  $15 million total combined telecom revenues for own closely held firm as well as previous Fortune 500 companies and other national telecom sales organization leaders.

Definitive strength in driving aggressive growth profit margins, turning around under-performing operations, and expansion into new markets.

Leading edge presentation, negotiation, and closing skills.

Contract Negotiations skills facilitating multi-million dollar government contract awards as well as resolutions to contract disputes.

Professional Experience:

President & CEO                                                           2000 to Present
The Broadband Companies, LLC
Charleston, SC  

Duties include the management and operation of day-to-day activities of a start-up telecommunications integrator for voice, video, data and security. To include design, engineering, sale and marketing, accounting, public relations, proposal development and all other facets involved in a newly created company.


Chairman & CEO                                                                          1987-2000
American Telecom Corporation
Greensboro, NC

Chairman & CEO of closely held Systems Integration Firm. Primarily responsible for sales & marketing to all Federal and Military Agencies. Provided enterprise-wide leadership through individual effort and subsidiary teams for up to 100 employees, often times managing all facets of the business including accounting, finance, implementation of tactical sales plans, engineering plans, project and government contract management.  

Our firm was noted for being the most aggressive 8(a) government contractor in region 5 by generating multi-million dollar telecommunications contracts.


VP/Sales & Marketing, Government Sales Division                              1985-1989
GTE/Fujitsu Government Systems
Phoenix, Arizona  

Leadership, Revenue Performance & Profit Improvement allowed the capture of an overall 3500% sales increase over management tenure, increasing revenue up to $400 million within 3 years thereby boosting profits to run consistently above industry average, and expanded markets by advising product diversification, earning numerous recognition awards. 


VP/Sales & Marketing                                                                    1981-1985
U.S. West Information Systems, Inc.
Denver, Colorado 

As an employee of this Fortune 500 Company, I was responsible for the marketing, implementation and design of the first Shared Tenant Telephone System and Tenant Shared Services Program in the United States. Achieved number one status in terms of sales with over $30 million dollars in 6 months. Branch leader first quarter with sales over $18 million dollars. Qualified President Club Member, “Run through the Warehouse” and various other sales awards for outstanding achievements. Attained 300% of sales quota in just seven months.

Career Highlights: 

Pioneered, marketed, and deployed new telephone and data communication technologies for Government, Department of Defense, and Private Industry including but not limited to:

 The implementation and design of the first Shared Tenant Telephone System and Tenant Shared Services Program in the United States.

 The first AT&T #5ESS Central Office Switch Installation in a hospital environment for the Department of Veteran Affairs.

The first to recover, refurbish, and re-initialize an A&T #5ESS Central Office Switch from the Philippines to the Naval Air Station Jacksonville, FL (50,000+ ports) which included 4 remote switching modules (rsms).

 Instillation of the second AT&T #5ESS Central Office Switch at Trident Nuclear Submarine Base, Kings Bay, GA (50,000+ ports) which included 4 remote switching modules (rsms).

First to install a Lucent DDM/Dantel Solution for a Government-Wide Payroll System. United States Department of Agriculture, New Orleans, LA

Technical Skill Sets:

Understanding the basics of telecommunications, including bandwidth and modems, time division multiplexing, analog/digital transmission and protocols.

Understanding of the transmission media commonly used in telephony from twisted pair and fiber optics for physical media to microwave and satellite for radio-based media.

Understanding of various transmission formats, including simplex, half-duplex and full-duplex, asynchronous and synchronous communications. 

Understanding the common telephone and the network that supports it including the difference between analog and digital transmission.  

Understanding the fundamentals, advantages and disadvantages of a digital network from T-1/T-3 to SONET.  

Comprehensive knowledge based for a wide range of service offerings including:

  • Voice Services with Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN)
  • Circuit-Switched Data Services
  • Dedicated Transmission Services
  • Packet Switched
  • Internet Protocol (IP)
  • Frame Relay (FR)
  • Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM)
  • Switch Multi-Megabite Data Service (SMDS)
  • Synchronous Optical Network (SONET)
  • Video Teleconferencing
  • Digital Subscriber Line (DSL), ADSL, DSL-LITE, HDSL, VDSL, SDSL, RADSL, IDSL


Knowledge of central office switching systems to include the design, engineering, and software translations for Lucent #5 ESS and Nortel DMS family of products.  

Familiar with the design, engineering, and the installation of central office co-location equipment components and services for CLECS, IXC, ILEC, RBOCs Independent Telco’s. 

Familiar with all aspects of outside plant and inside plant cable distribution system construction to include fiber, copper and coax cable, manhole/ductbank, hand hole, conduit, innerduct, controlled environment vaults (CEV) , and cable tray design and engineering.  


Turner School of Construction Management

MB Candidate, Concentration in information Systems Management
Texas Southern University

 BS Degree, Radiology, Medical College of Georgia


Letters of Recognition:



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